For Girls


If in doubt, bring it! There are several looks we are going for…the first of which is the parent pleaser. That outfit that Mom really wants you to wear. Let’s do this first so we can move on to the fun and funky stuff! Skirts, hats, prom dresses, jewelry, scarves, classy, conservative, casual, different, bright things, crazy things, ideas from magazines; let’s play! Bring your stuff in on hangers and we’ll go through your wardrobe and find the perfect outfits. Bring a variety of colors and a range from casual to dressy. Don’t forget shoes and accessories.


Makeup is essential to your portrait. If your mascara is doing the clumping thing, get a new one. Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed. Lips: Glossy!  Please be sure to bring translucent powder, lip gloss, and other essentials for touch-ups. If not sure how to do your make up, have it done professionally.


We retouch blemishes, so don’t worry about minor breakouts. Don’t stress about your skin… we can fix it!!


Don’t change your hairstyle or cut your hair right before your session. Quick easy hairstyle changes during your session are OK, but make it quick or you lose camera time. Bring your hair care tools and products with you if need be. It IS ok to show up early in curlers if you need to.

Although the photographer tries to help with hair, it is hard to know what your hair “is supposed to look like”. So make sure you like the look or let the photographer know your preferences. Hair style is ultimately YOUR responsibility.


BRING THEM!! Bring props that help define who you are. Some popular choices are: Sports equipment (soccer ball, football, hurdle, whatever), sports uniforms, music instruments (from school tuba to rock guitar), activities (dance leotard and shoes, swimming, hobbies, you name it!), vehicles.

We don’t use cheesy numbers that tell everyone when you graduated.


Most glasses glare! ¬†Your best bet is to check with your optometrist. Most will “loan” you an empty set of frames similar to yours for your photo session.


AVOID SUNBURN! Sunburn and peeling skin DO NOT photograph well!! Tan? Yes! Burn? No!


Pets are always welcome. It is a good idea to have someone bring a pet, then leave with them after. Or bring a pet carrier to contain them while you are being photographed without them. Treats can be helpful to hold a dogs attention.


It’s your day and it’s all about you so feel free to bring your friends or family. They can cheer you on to greater heights and even be your personal assistant. Every diva needs her entourage!


Let’s face it, we are at the mercy of mother nature. If it rains, we simply have to reschedule your appointment. If the weather is questionable, simply call the studio.


Please bring appropriate foundation wear for each outfit. Flesh colored is the most flexible option. Also, if you need a strapless, bring one. Tucking the straps down usually shows and looks bad. With todays thin fabrics, you might want to carefully select these pieces so they do not give unsightly lines.


NAILS SHOW! If they have the paint all chipped off, it will show. Many casual shots are done barefoot, so don’t forget about those toes! Avoid really bright colors. Natural or basic work best. We don’t want to draw attention to your neon green toe nails. And they may look really bad with your next outfit!